Student Related Policies

A summary of student related policies can be found below, and the University's full list of policies can be accessed on the University Policy and Procedures website. 

Draft new/revised policies for comment

Draft policies for which student feedback is sought before the policy is finalised for approval (University students only)

Draft policies

  • Academic Progress by Coursework Students Policy

    Academic progress

    The University recognises the importance of monitoring the academic progress of students to ensure that students who are experiencing difficulties are identified as early as possible and offered the various advice, assistance and support services that are available at the University.

    The Academic Progress by Coursework Students Policy provides a framework for identifying and assisting coursework students whose academic performance falls below set standards.

    The University will review student's results at the end of each Review Period in order to identify those students who have not made satisfactory academic progress.

    A student has not made satisfactory academic progress and is therefore considered at risk if:

    • during Review Period 1 or Review Period 2 they fail 50% or more of the units in which they were enrolled in a program or fail the same course for a second or subsequent time; or
    • they are enrolled in a Yearly Program and fail to pass their annual examination.

    • Students identified for the first time are sent a Risk 1 Notification.
    • Students identified for a second time are sent a Risk 2 Notification.
    • The third time a student is identified, they will be sent an Intention to Exclude Notice, asking them to explain why they should not be excluded from their program.

    The Risk 2 Status is not applied to students in a yearly program.

    • Students in yearly programs identified for the first time are sent a Risk 1 Notification.
    • Students identified for a second time are sent an Intention to Exclude Notice, asking them to explain why they should not be excluded from their program.

    Student Success team

    Each faculty has a Student Success team for the programs they offers. Students identified as being at risk are strongly encouraged and in some cases required to contact the Student Success Advisors to discuss appropriate study strategies and devise a study plan that will assist them to reach a satisfactory level of academic progress.

    For contact details, click on the relevant faculty link:

    Student support services

    The University provides a range of services to help students maintain satisfactory academic progress, including language and learning services and a confidential counselling service. A full list of student support services is available on the current student website.

    Indigenous students are encouraged to contact the Student Support Officer at Wirltu Yarlu on 8313 3623 who can provide assistance with a study plan, a free tutoring service or counselling on any personal matters that may impact on their academic success. Student Support Officers can also provide assistance with a submission in response to a Show Cause Notification letter. Access the Wirltu Yarlu student support page for more information.

    International students, in addition to contacting their faculty, are advised to speak to staff in International Student Support regarding their current student visa. Access support services for international students on the International Student Support website.

    More information

    Students are encouraged to view the Academic Progress Policy Snapshot and familiarise themselves with the full Academic Progress by Coursework Students Policy.  

    Frequently asked questions

  • Admissions to Coursework Programs Policy

    The Admissions to Coursework Programs Policy sets out the University of Adelaide's approach to the selection of applicants for admission to coursework programs. It reflects the University's commitment to the highest academic standards by only selecting applicants who are likely to succeed in the University's programs, and by encouraging broad access to those programs.
    The policy aims to ensure the integrity of the selection and admission processes, and that admission decisions are transparent, consistent and fair, whilst complying with relevant legislative and regulatory requirements.

    The Admissions to Coursework Programs Policy has been updated and the revised policy becomes effective on 1 January 2022. Students and applicants are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the updated policy and view the policy snapshot.

  • Assessment and exams

    Assessment for Coursework Programs Policy

    The Assessment for Coursework Programs Policy sets out the principles which underpin the University of Adelaide's approach to assessment, and the mandatory procedures which ensure that the principles are implemented. It applies to all undergraduate, honours and postgraduate coursework award programs offered by the University of Adelaide.

    All staff and title holders of the University must comply with this policy whenever they are engaged in an aspect of the assessment process.

    This policy covers the setting of course assessment limits, assessment types, tasks and weightings, the timing of the publication of course information, clear exemplars/guidelines on the standard of work required from students in terms of evidence-based academic writing and relevant scholarly conventions in the course discipline, and their obligations under the Academic Integrity Policy.

    This policy should also be read in conjunction with the 

    Academic Integrity Policy

    The Academic Integrity Policy sets out the obligations of coursework students when undertaking assessment tasks, including examinations, particularly the obligation of academic honesty.

    The policy supports the following graduate attribute in the University's students: "An awareness of ethical, social and cultural issues within a global context and their importance in the exercise of professional skills and responsibilities".

    It applies  to all students who are enrolled in a University of Adelaide course or courses which can or do form part of a University of Adelaide coursework program.

    Modified Arrangements for Coursework Assessment Policy and Procedures

    The new Modified Arrangements for Coursework Assessment Policy & Procedures replaces the Examinations Policy.

    It sets out the circumstances when assessment arrangements may be modified, to ensure that students whose assessment is affected by medical, compassionate or extenuating circumstances, or who narrowly fail a course, are given reasonable opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned.

    This policy applies to all students enrolled in a University of Adelaide course or courses which can or do form part of a University of Adelaide coursework program.

  • Complaints

    The Student Complaint Resolution Process enables students to make a formal complaint about academic decisions, administrative decisions, or unfair treatment.

  • Disability

    Disability Action Plan

    The Disability Action Plan is designed to provide directions for change to better meet the needs of people with disabilities studying and working at this University.

    Reasonable Adjustments to Teaching and Assessment for Students with a Disability Policy

    The Reasonable Adjustments to Teaching & Assessment for Students with a Disability Policy outlines the principles under which adjustments can be made to teaching and assessment for students with a disability, and guidelines for negotiating reasonable adjustments through Learning and Assessment Agreements.

  • Fees and charges

    The Student Finance Framework provides information for all domestic and international students on Commonwealth Student contributions and remissions, tuition fees and refunds, other fees and charges, payments, financial assistance, and support and advice on all student finance matters.

  • Information technology / computers

    The purpose of the IT Acceptable Use and Security Policy is to give a clear statement to all users of University IT facilities of their responsibilities, including what constitutes acceptable and unacceptable use; to manage the provision and modification of access to online services; and to express the commitment of the University to providing and maintaining a secure, effective and reliable IT infrastructure to support the University's operations.

  • Privacy

    The Privacy Policy applies to personal information collected and held by the University pertaining to current and former students, current and former staff members, and associates of the University.

    The Privacy Management Plan provides guidelines on the collection, solicitation, storage, access, use and disclosure of personal information.

  • Student charter

    This Student Charter provides students with an overview of what they can expect of the University, and of their responsibilities as students.

  • Student conduct

    Student misconduct rules

    The Student Misconduct Rules govern the University's procedure for handling student conduct matters, including mediation and the Board of Conduct.

  • Student Experience of Learning and Teaching Policy

    The Student Experience of Learning and Teaching Policy outlines the framework and responsibilities for the conduct of SELT surveys at the University.

    The feedback you give through the SELT process about your experience is extremely important. We use the feedback to guide staff and the University in making continuous improvements to courses and teaching for the benefit of students, and it is also used to identify and reward excellent teaching.

    More information

    Students are encouraged to view the SELT Policy Snapshot and familiarise themselves with the full Student Experience of Learning and Teaching Policy. Learn more about SELT surveys.

  • Support for Students Policy

    The Support for Students Policy aims to ensure students enrolled in coursework programs, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, are engaged, supported and progressing through their programs. The policy applies a whole-of-University approach to proactively identify students in need of support and to connect them with appropriate support services, acknowledging the individual context and personal circumstances that apply to each student.

  • Syllabuses and academic program rules

    The undergraduate and postgraduate University Calendars provide Syllabuses and Academic Program Rules for all courses and programs offered by the University.

  • Other

    Student Travel Risk Policy

    The University acknowledges that travel may pose a risk to student safety and is committed to supporting students in managing their travel safely and effectively.  

    The Student Travel Risk Policy is designed to ensure that the University:

    • Outlines the support, and conditions, for university-related travel;
    • Empowers students to manage travel risk effectively, efficiently, and conveniently;
    • Manages student travel risk to meet the University’s duty of care obligations; and
    • Maintains accurate records for all approved student travel undertaken as part of the student’s University experience or activities.

    Student travel risk policy snapshot - policy updates for students - May 2019


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