Our Responsibilities

Our key responsibilities are:

  • assisting students and staff with the interpretation and implementation of student-related policies
  • providing advice to students and staff on grievance and complaint procedures
  • providing support to students and staff on student conduct procedures (including plagiarism and cheating),
    see the Academic Dishonesty Procedures - staff support kit
  • providing advice and executive support for the Student Misconduct Tribunal and Student Grievance and Appeals Committees
  • negotiating settlement agreements for complaints in with internal parties only as part of the Student Grievance Resolution Process
  • investigating misconduct and unfair treatment allegations - reports of misconduct by University staff or students, including bullying, discrimination, victimisation, sexual harassment or sexual assault in keeping with the Student Behaviour and Conduct Procedure
  • participating in Policy Working Groups on the development of University student-related policies
  • reviewing decisions in relation to the remission of HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP
  • providing suggestions for improvement to University services, decisions or processes through the Student Process Review Committee
  • monitoring, assessing and reporting on trends and systemic issues identified in Internal University Appeals, against academic and administrative decisions, to generate improvements and implement preventative mechanisms where possible.