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SmartSheet: free access for students

If you are involved in project management, a UofA Club, or would like to gain some knowledge and experience in ways to monitor and manage different projects via online platforms, SmartSheet can help you.

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Propel your personal and career growth with cultural intelligence

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What if I told you that all it takes is five weeks to get you started interacting confidently with people from diverse cultural backgrounds? The Global IQ Connect Program can get you there. It’s an extra-curricular program designed to help you learn about the important role culture plays in our behaviour and thinking, and navigating cultural diversity.

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Exam prep tips

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The countdown to exams has begun. Whether you’ve got multiple choice, short answer, essay or open book type of exams, your confidence will depend on how well you have prepared. So, to make sure you’re ready to handle the road ahead, hear from Chloe, second-year student in a Bachelor of International Relations with Bachelor of Arts, with her top tips for managing stress during exam time.

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Participate in "jaw dropping" South Australian research

This is a paid research participant invitation. We will be hosting a series of events at AHMS building level 4 and will be collecting jaw movement data.

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Exam Workshop

Want to learn some tips and tricks to manage exam stress? In this session, you will hear a rundown on what to expect during exam time and resources to help you prepare. Student volunteers will also share their own exam experiences.

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