Orientation Hosts Program 2020

Do you remember what it was like when you first started at university? It was both exciting and scary – and it probably wasn’t as easy as you expected. Well, this is your chance to volunteer to help new students to make a successful transition to university life!

Orientation hosts

We are looking for friendly, approachable and reliable people who can help to enrich the student experience. As a Vice-Chancellor’s Orientation Host you will meet our new students on the first day of O'Week, attend Welcome Talks, conduct a Campus Tour, attend the free BBQ, participate in all the Orientation activities available in O'Week.

The transition to University is a challenge for even the best of students. Many new students struggle as they move from either a sheltered school environment or a structured work environment into the strange surrounds of a University. Its sheer size and its range of spaces, departments and people all make the move difficult, and for many, the overwhelming challenge is simply too great.

Our evidence shows that most students who drop out, do so in the first six weeks. We know that addressing academic challenges and social isolation in this first six weeks of university is likely to have a significant impact.

As such, it is our intention in 2020 to use student hosts for our existing orientation and transition program, to help students get through those first six weeks.

About the program

    • Program allocation

      New students arriving on campus will be met by the Vice-Chancellor's Orientation Host Program support team and Hosts. Students will be allocated to hosts from the same discipline areas where possible.

    • Role description

      As a student host your role is to provide a point of contact for new students during their transition to University. Student hosts will meet new students during O’Week, conduct a campus tour and accompany their new student group on the day and on their Faculty Day, to see how they are going and assist with any questions.

      There is no expectation on student hosts to continue the relationship with new students beyond O'Week, however they will be encouraged to do so if they wish to and their own time and study commitments enable this.

    • Induction and training

      All student hosts are invited to complete an online induction and training session. This session outlines the purpose of the host program, the critical role they will play in helping new students transition to university and the Universities expectations of them. Please print and have a copy of the route map handy with you on the day. Hosts will receive copies of all the key student information that will be sent to new students to prepare for O'Week.

    • Compensation and rewards

      Hosts will be volunteers and will not be paid. However, as a way of thanking current students for undertaking the role as hosts, they will be offered:

      • An official host polo shirt to wear
      • Eligibility for the Adelaide Graduate Award program
      • A certificate of completion
      • A Thank You BBQ in April at the end of the program