Student Surveys

Internal Surveys

The University of Adelaide places a high importance on student input and continuously conducts comprehensive surveys that cover the full spectrum of the student experience. These surveys, which occur at different stages throughout the year and the student lifecycle, are designed to capture insights into both the academic and social aspects of university life.

  • Speak Up Feedback - Student Engagement Committee

    Introducing the "Speak Up" feedback: Owned by your Student Engagement Committee (SEC), Speak Up is your chance to shape University of Adelaide Non-Academic Services. 

    The Speak Up Feedback empowers University of Adelaide students to voice their opinions about the non-academic services offered throughout the campus. Your feedback is invaluable and plays a crucial role in improving the overall student experience at University of Adelaide. It also fosters a stronger sense of community and belonging within our university.

  • Starting at University of Adelaide

    The insights gained from this survey are vital in enhancing the orientation and transition experience for students at the University. The data collected helps inform initiatives aimed at retaining students and ensuring their successful completion of their studies.

    Upon joining the University of Adelaide, expect a warm welcome via a phone call from our dedicated Succeed@Adelaide team members. Additionally, you'll receive a feedback survey tailored to your orientation experience!

  • Student Experience of Learning and Teaching (SELT) survey

    The Student Experience of Learning and Teaching (SELT) is a survey, which offers you with the opportunity to provide feedback on your experience of courses and teaching at the University of Adelaide.

    Each time a course is offered, you will be invited to provide feedback on the courses you are enrolled in and your teacher(s). In addition, you will also be asked once a year to provide feedback to your program (degree). For the majority of courses at the University, the SELT surveys will be conducted two or three weeks prior to the end of each study period.

    What is a SELT? SELT surveys

    All responses to SELT are confidential.

National Surveys

University of Adelaide values student feedback and actively engages in various national surveys that encompass the entire student journey, from application to post-graduation.

These national surveys are conducted by external research organisations, in compliance with the university's annual survey timetable and its ethics and privacy guidelines.

  • Student experience survey

    Participate in Shaping the Future of Australian Higher Education at the University of Adelaide. The Student Experience Survey (SES) is your opportunity to provide valuable feedback to improve courses and enhance the learning experience. The survey is voluntary, confidential, and administered by the Social Research Centre on behalf of the government. Invitations are extended to first and final-year students.

    Further information: Student Experience Survey | Current Students

  • Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS)

    The scope of the GOS includes all graduates (domestic and international) who completed an undergraduate, postgraduate coursework or postgraduate research degree, during the previous year.

    The GOS is conducted in three rounds each year. The questions in the GOS can be split into two main sections. The first section covers the employment and further study outcomes of graduates. The second section covers graduate overall satisfaction with their program.

    Further information: Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS) | Planning & Analytics

  • Graduate Outcomes Survey – Longitudinal

    The Graduate Outcomes Survey Longitudinal (GOS-L) is a follow-up component to the GOS that examines the outcomes of university graduates over a longer term. The GOS-L is administered in February three years after the original survey.

    Further Information: Graduate Outcomes Survey - Longitudinal (GOS-L) | Planning & Analytics

  • International student barometer

    The Student Barometer is a detailed survey to understand various aspects of your university experience and designed to gauge elements such as your initial arrival, learning environment, living conditions, the support you receive, how likely you are to recommend your institution, your employability after graduation, and your overall wellbeing. The survey runs from May to June each year. The University will send you an email with the details to complete the survey.