Current Volunteers

Thank you for volunteering with the University of Adelaide.

Volunteers make a vital contribution to the University and are an integral part of what we do. We value our volunteers and aim to create an environment that fosters and encourages volunteer satisfaction, including learning new skills and making professional and social contacts. Volunteering adds to the richness of university life by involving a diverse range of people in a variety of activities.

Since 2003, when the volunteer program was formalised, the number of volunteers who contribute across all campuses has grown to more than 2500. The Volunteer Coordinators Network Committee contributes to the success of this diverse program and comprises of staff members who coordinate and support our volunteers.

The volunteer handbook provides information about volunteering with the University of Adelaide and should be read in addition to your local area volunteer induction. If you have any further questions please contact your supervisor in the first instance or Kerry James, Senior Volunteer Program Coordinator on 08 8313 3354.

Stay in touch 

Stay in touch with the latest news and connect with your fellow volunteers on our Facebook page or in our Facebook group.