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Volunteering post COVID-19

The University Volunteer Program, coordinated by External Relations in conjunction with Volunteer Coordinators, is committed to stopping the spread of COVID-19 and ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of the University's volunteers and the wider community. To minimise the risk of COVID-19 exposure, and in line with Government advice, we are currently planning the return of in-person volunteering.

The University will continue to follow Government advice and monitor the situation as it evolves.

Last updated: 23 July 2020

With more than 70 volunteer groups across our Waite, Roseworthy and North Terrace campuses, there are a variety of volunteering roles available throughout the year. Only volunteer groups that are currently recruiting will be listed on this page.

For a full list of volunteering opportunities, please visit our where to volunteer page.


Current volunteering opportunities

  • Student support for International Students

    Do you speak English fluently? We need your help! 

    The Talking with Aussies (TWA) program matches current international students of the University with volunteers to practice conversational English for one hour per week. If you can spare an hour a week to chat one-on-one online with an international student, we’d love to welcome you as a member of the Talking with Aussies Program. Volunteers come from a range of age groups and backgrounds and include students, retirees and working professionals.


    • To chat on-line with students on a regular basis (approximately one hour per week)
    • To foster students’ language development, for example: communicating with confidence, pronunciation, and Aussie slang. This will be of a general nature; the program is not a tutoring or editing service
    • To engage in a range of conversation topics which may help the student become more familiar with local customs and culture

    Who can apply?

    Applicants must be able to speak fluent English and have the ability to interact with people in-person and on-line from diverse backgrounds and age groups with a patient and friendly manner. Students, staff, alumni and public can volunteer for this position.

    Does this position interest you?

    Please view the volunteer application pamphlet before applying or contact Lian van Veen, Program Coordinator at twa@adelaide.edu.au.

  • Career Mentor to students

    Do you remember what it was like to start your first job out of University? The challenges, the highlights and the lessons learned since then? This is your chance to share that knowledge. Help students prepare for their career – be a career mentor.


    Your role will be to facilitate the development of your mentee, based on their needs, by acting as a resource, advisor or coach. Participation is based on both your availability and students' requirements.

    Who can apply?

    We welcome expressions of interest from all industry professionals, of all experience areas, levels and personal backgrounds. You can be based in Adelaide, interstate or overseas. You do not have to be an alumnus of the University to be involved.

    Does this position interest you?

    Please contact Jessica Beazley, Mentoring Project Officer at jessica.beazley@adelaide.edu.au or visit the mentoring website for further information.

More opportunities

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