National AI Centre visits AIML and Lot Fourteen

Earlier this week we welcomed the National Artificial Intelligence Centre (NAIC) to AIML and Lot Fourteen as part of its national listening tour of Australia's AI ecosystem, with NAIC Director Stela Solar and Executive Manager Lisa Hutton meeting with Adelaide’s AI and tech community for two roundtable sessions on responsible and inclusive AI, and AI for small business.

They also met with several AIML members to get an understanding of some of the work we do; how we partner with government, industry and SMEs; and the unique AI opportunities here at the University of Adelaide and Lot Fourteen.

Established within CSIRO's Data61 in December, the NAIC is laying the foundations for Australia’s AI and digital ecosystem by coordinating AI expertise and capabilities across the country, and addressing the barriers that small-to-medium enterprises face when building and adopting AI and new technology.

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