Partnerships and Consulting

Work with us 

Did you know that at AIML we also apply our machine learning research to solve problems and deliver benefits to the community?

Our innovative capabilities enable us to engage with domestic and international businesses in:

Why work with us? 

At AIML, we are committed to producing outstanding research that is engaging, innovative and importantly can be applied to real-life challenges.

With a proven track record collaborating with local, state and federal government, universities, multi-national organisations and SMEs, our talented researchers can work with you to provide practical solutions including:

  • developing deeper insights into customer behaviour 
  • identifying patterns in large, complex data sources
  • predicting future behaviour of people and systems
  • coaching staff or students on how to improve their performance
  • optimising complex systems
  • automating the interpretation of video imagery
  • producing computer vision and robotics applications
  • uncovering deep learning and pattern recognition from big data
  • creating natural language processing
  • developing video question and answer programs 
  • generating AI innovation strategies. 

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Collaborative research and development (R&D)

At AIML we have an impressive track record of successful research and development projects that have been executed under various grants schemes, including ARC Linkage Projects, CRC-P Projects and Defence Innovation Partnerships. 

By working with us, we may be able to provide financial support through co-contribution of grant funding and, if eligible, by accessing R&D tax benefits. 

AIML conducts fundamental and applied research, and our specialised staff are experienced in developing and tailoring R&D proposals to suit individual requirements. 

AIML’s services have seen multiple patents commercialised and Intellectual Property licenced, forming the foundation of a number of sophisticated products. 

To find out how your organisation can benefit, please contact us.

Project consultancy 

Whether it is a short-term contract or a major, cross-disciplinary venture, AIML has the expertise and capability to work with industry and government on product commercialisation and development. 

We work collaboratively to develop exclusive AI-based products and ensure that our clients are ready to compete in an AI-enabled economy.

To find out how your organisation can benefit, please contact us.

Case studies

We are investing in South Australian business 

As part of the investment made by the South Australian Government in AIML, funds are available to support local businesses in their development of new AI-based products. To find out how to access these funds, contact us.