Postgrad Scholarships

The Australian Institute for Machine Learning is recognised as one of the top artificial intelligence and computer vision research institutions globally.

Adversarial Attacks on ML Models for Satellite Imagery MPhil Scholarship

The project aims to investigate and demonstrate physical adversarial attacks against ML models for satellite imagery, so as to gain an understanding of the models' adversarial vulnerabilities. This understanding is important to inform the development of adversarially resilient ML models and defence mechanisms in space applications.

  • 2-year Master of Philosophy scholarship
  • Stipend of AU$30,000 per annum
  • Australian citizens or permanent residents preferred, other suitable candidates eligible for consideration

This project is a collaboration between the Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML) and the University of South Australia; and is funded by the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) via the Asian Office of Aerospace Research & Development (AOARD). Applications close 13 November 2023.

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