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Zero carbon high temperature minerals processing.

The High Temperature Minerals Processing (HiTeMP) Forum has become a go-to forum for industry, researchers and government agencies seeking to drive the transition to net-zero CO2 emissions of high temperature industrial processes used to produce materials such iron, steel, cement and aluminium.

The HiTeMP Forum is technology neutral – i.e. it doesn’t favour one technology pathway over another. It also recognises that the low-carbon transition will significantly impact on global supply chains, generating new opportunities for those nations with a coincidence of net-zero energy and mineral resources.

With a growing number of high temperature manufacturing companies across the world already committed to decarbonise, new markets are opening both for the emerging certified low-carbon products and for the new technologies needed to manufacture them.

The HiTeMP Forum engages all of the key stakeholder groups from around the world to develop synthesised perspectives of emerging drivers, technologies, barriers and enablers to further decarbonise energy-intensive, high temperature process industries.

HiTeMP-3 is proudly brought to you jointly by the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Energy Technology, the Heavy Industry Low-carbon Transition (HILT) CRC, and Mission Innovation's Net Zero Industry (NZI) mission. Learn more about our co-partners.


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