About HiTeMP

Zero carbon high temperature minerals processing

The High Temperature Minerals Processing (HiTeMP) Forum was established to foster the transformation of heavy industry that relies on heat, as well as electricity towards net-zero CO2 emissions.

The HiTeMP Forum is technology neutral – i.e. it doesn’t favour one technology over another. And it recognises that new opportunities are emerging for nations with a coincidence of renewable energy and mineral resources.

Leading mineral processing and refining companies across the world have already started to decarbonise in response to emerging markets for low carbon products.

The HiTeMP Forum engages key stakeholder groups to develop synthesised perspectives of emerging drivers, technologies and opportunities to further decarbonise energy-intensive, high temperature process industries.

For information about previous forum's go to HiTeMP-1 in 2018 and HiTeMP-2 in 2020 pages.

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