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CET researchers to consult on IEA report

Dr Alfonso Chinnici and Prof Gus Nathan were selected by the International Energy Agency (IEA, Paris) to collaborate as consulting international analysts on an upcoming IEA report looking at the role of low-carbon fuels, particularly hydrogen and ammonia, for clean power generation.

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HILT CRC is announced

Australia's leading companies in the heavy industrial sector will embark on a program that will enable a step-change in the rate at which they transition toward zero net-carbon emissions through the Heavy Industry Low-carbon Transition Cooperative Research Centre (HILT CRC)

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Pathways clear for decarbonising heavy industry

The production of green steel will be a critical step to enable the world’s heavy industry to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and Australia is well placed to be an important player in this space.

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Findings from the HiTeMP-2 Outlook Report

Heavy industry is vital to our economy, but it contributes to the planet’s climate challenge, which is why transitioning the sector to net-zero carbon emissions is so important. Decarbonising heavy industry will be good for the global economy, because it is being driven by new markets for higher value new green products.

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Prof Gus Nathan presents Industrial Greening for Research Tuesday

Professor Gus Nathan's presentation 'Industrial Greening' for Research Tuesday is now available to view on YouTube.



Commercialising Alumina Refining Using Solar Heat

Approximately 27% of Australia’s industrial carbon emissions come from alumina refineries, which burn fossil fuels to heat the process. However, concentrated solar thermal energy could provide up to half of the heat required.



HiTeMP-2 videos now available

Livestream videos of the HiTeMP-2 Forum that was held in Adelaide from March 16-18, at the National Wine Centre, are now available to view.


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