The Hub was led by the University of Adelaide and brought together the research expertise, industry knowledge and facilities of our partners.

Significant cash ($6.77M) and in-kind ($4.82M) contributions from the Australian Research Council, industry partners and research partners demonstrated the strong desire of all parties to increase the sustainability of copper production in Australia.

Industry partners

Industry partners contributed $4.25M cash to the Hub over five years, in addition to the following in-kind contributions worth $1.5M:

  • Access to industry expertise and capability for the mentoring and supervision of students;
  • Access to ore, concentrate and facilities;
  • Preparation and analysis of solid and liquid samples;
  • Representation on the Governance Board and on the Science Steering Committee.

Research partners

The research partners together contributed $3.3M in-kind resources, including:

  • Time spent researching and supervising students of the Hub;
  • Unparalleled expertise in chemical sciences, physical sciences and diagnostic methodologies relevant to solving the Hub’s aims;
  • Facilities.

Australian Research Council

The Hub was awarded $2.52M grant funding in 2014 by the Australian Research Council as part of the Industrial Transformation Research Programme.


Our partners

OZ Minerals
Department of Energy and Mining
Department of Defence Science and Technology
Flinders University
Monash University
Australian Government | Australian Research Council
The University of Adelaide
The University of Queensland