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Counselling offers a place to talk about and reflect on whatever is troubling you in a safe, supported and confidential environment.

We believe in timely access to Counselling support. In order to facilitate this we offer the following:

  • Triage through our specialised Mental Health Support staff, so we can attend to those most at risk psychologically or academically
  • An up-to-date list of external support so you have options for support beyond our service
  • Our Counsellors work primarily using a short term therapy model; this means we can continue to free up appointments and respond to the flow of new students

Access to critical first response support

If you have experienced one of the following significant life events recently please fill in the form below and an Immediate Response Counsellor will make contact with you to discuss a support plan.

  • trauma: physical assault, witness to violence, national disaster in your home country
  • sexual violence: sexual assault, sexual harassment
  • family violence
  • bereavement: close family member or friend
  • thoughts that you will harm yourself or harm others
  • plans to harm yourself or harm others
  • any act of sexual violence or harassment that occurred in relation to the university (past or present)

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