Bushfire response from Director Professor Bob Hill

"The recent, shocking sequence of bushfires across the southern and eastern coast of Australia has stunned us all.

In South Australia, we have experienced some extremely challenging times. The impacts of these fires will be felt for decades to come and the response to them will be complex. I have been involved in some aspects of these responses and many University of Adelaide staff have relevant expertise to assist with the recovery process."

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Latest News

Antarctica research program funded $36 million by federal government

As Chief Investigator, Dr Phill Cassey joins program which aims to secure Antarctica's environmental future.  Led by Monash University, this research project aims understand the complex interactions of the ocean, ice sheets, atmosphere and ecosystems that will govern Antarctica’s future.

A new species of sea snake discovered in Western Australia

The new turtle-headed sea snake, Emydocephalus orarius, or the Western Turtle-headed Sea Snake, is found from Shark Bay to Broome, Western Australia, on soft sandy habitats at depths ranging from 15 to 70 metres. PhD student James Nankivell says this is the sixth sea snake to be found in WA and not under serious threat at this stage.


Prof. Bob Hill appointed to the Wildlife and Habitat Recovery Taskforce

The taskforce will focus on providing important strategic oversight and coordination for the recovery of South Australia’s natural environment after the bushfires. The crucial team will oversee on-ground assessments and planning works, moving/relocating native animals to safer habitat, feral animal control, as well as support partner organisations.

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Call for entries with Virtual Three Minute Thesis (3MT) for 2020

The 3MT is a skills development activity that challenges Higher Degree by Research students to explain their research project to a non-specialist audience in just three minutes.. 3MT is a chance to practise research communication in a short format to a non-specialist audience with minimal presentation material. This years competition will be held in a virtual format (video …



‘Good intentions’ Murray-Darling Basin water program drains even more water from the system

A new report has found irrigators using a program designed to cut down on water use, have ended up taking more out of the Murray Darling river system. Australia is more than halfway through implementation of the Murray Darling Basin Plan and as at the start of 2019, has spent over $6 billion in buybacks …



The evolution of colour vision in sea snakes

Research from the University of Adelaide has revealed the evolution of colour vision in front-fanged snakes following their transition from terrestrial to fully marine environments. This research also provides the first evidence of where, when and how frequently the species have adapted their ability to see in colour. Today, the journal Current Biology published the …


University of Adelaide research making an impact

Professor Bob Hill gives an insight into our cross-faculty team and how we're making positive steps towards climate change, sustainability and the environment research.

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