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ARC Future Fellowship success

Congratulations to Environment Institute’s Associate Professor Alec Zuo, who was awarded an Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowship for his project ‘Quantifying the economic and social impacts of drought in rural Australia’ in the recently announced round.

Trees for Good Project: Budding Scientists Barking up the Right Tree

There’s not much that kids love more than digging holes in dirt. And recently, a group of students from Alberton Primary School got their hands dirty planting their own trees with the launch of an exciting new project 'Trees for Good'.

Playing sea soundscapes can summon thousands of baby oysters – and help regrow oyster reefs

Imagine you’re in a food court and spoilt for choice. How will you choose where to eat? It might be the look of the food, the smell, or even the chatter of satisfied customers. Marine animals do the same thing when choosing a good place to live.

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SURVEY: Bandicoot habitat along Brownhill and First Creeks

Southern brown bandicoots are the last of eight bandicoot species in this region but are nationally endangered. Do you live near bandicoot habitat along Brownhill or First Creeks? We invite you to undertake this survey to help us understand how people’s connection with nature, and property management, might influence where these endangered bandicoots and other …



Gene-drive strategy could suppress invasive mice on islands

Invasive rodents pose a significant threat to global biodiversity. Current control methods, such as poisoning, trapping, biological control with additional introduction of competitors or predators are often ineffective, costly, and not species specific. Genetic biocontrol has considerable potential to control invasive populations but has not been developed in any vertebrate pest species. Revolutionary gene drive …



New Biodiversity Council to Fight the Extinction Crisis

The biodiversity crisis is resulting in catastrophic declines in the unique plants, animals, and ecosystems of megadiverse Australia. This biodiversity underpins our economy, food systems, water and health, as well as our culture and identity. There is a pressing need for policy and industry response to the crisis to be rapid and underpinned by evidence …


University of Adelaide research making an impact

Professor Bob Hill gives an insight into our cross-faculty team and how we're making positive steps towards climate change, sustainability and the environment research.

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