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The Hope and Wonder series is an informative collection of resources that includes public lectures, podcasts and events designed to inspire wonder in the natural world, while also providing hope that we can safeguard the environment.

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Leading Environmental Scientist takes the reins

Plant, ecological and evolutionary geneticist, Professor Andrew Lowe will lead the University of Adelaide’s Environment Institute as its newly appointed Director.  Click to read more.

Heat stress from ocean warming harms octopus vision

While climate change has led to an increase in the abundance of octopuses, heat stress from projected ocean warming could impair their vision and impact the survivability of the species.

Rewilding Marine Ecosystems

We’re national leaders and champions of change in marine restoration. Our multidisciplinary approach brings together marine biology, social science, psychology, economics, legal studies and community wellbeing to drive policy development, legislative change and social and ecological progress.  Discover more about our innovative research.

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Defining the potential for mangrove-based agribusiness transformation in the coastal Mekong Delta, Vietnam

The Mekong Delta region in Vietnam is facing several development challenges but the Government of Vietnam (GoV) is committed overcoming these and support the growth of the agricultural sector in the region. The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) recently awarded Environment Institute’s Future Making Fellow, Dr Pham Thu Thuy, $471,200 for a project …



Scientists seek your soil for century-chemical study

University of Adelaide researchers are calling on South Australian citizen scientists to donate soil samples from their backyard gardens for a study examining how widely spread per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are in our home gardens. Sometimes described as century chemicals or forever chemicals due to their high resistance to degradation, PFAS are harmful to human health …



Adelaide is losing 75,000 trees a year. Tree-removal laws must be tightened if we want our cities to be liveable and green

Large areas of concrete and asphalt absorb and radiate heat, creating an “urban heat island effect”. It puts cities at risk of overheating as they are several degrees warmer than surrounding areas. Large areas of concrete and asphalt absorb and radiate heat, creating an “urban heat island effect”. It puts cities at risk of overheating …


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Tasting Australia Masterclass - from the reef

First Nations foods are increasingly gaining popularity in the mainstream and are rapidly being adopted into our diets. These plants and animals represent a plethora of foods that are pre-adapted to our environmental landscape and have been sustaining life in the Torres Strait for thousands of years. Yet it is only in recent years that these foods have been more widely adopted and integrated into modern First Nations cuisine.

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