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Professor Andrew Lowe appointed interim director of Environment Institute

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Andrew Lowe into the position of interim Director of the Environment Institute. He will oversee a transition phase, whilst maintaining core activities of the Institute. He looks forward to understanding current research capabilities and opportunities within the Institute and collaborating with members and stakeholders to ensure its future.

Re-examining residential risk as climate change intensifies

Associate Professor Douglas Bardsley, says the reality of global warming requires that we confront the human and economic costs head-on. “The notion of the once in 100-year flood or fire has to be seriously questioned in a rapidly changing climate,”.

New study unlocks mystery origin of iconic Aussie snakes

New research involving Environment Institute members at the University of Adelaide, has found the first tangible evidence that the ancestors of some of Australia’s most venomous snakes arrived by sea rather than by land – the dispersal route of most other Australian reptiles.

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SURVEY: Exploring the Link between Nature Exposure and Wellbeing

We often hear about the benefits of spending time in nature. But what things prevent or help us spend time in nature? It is important to know the answer to these questions to provide better access to our natural environments, as well as understand the ways different people prefer to engage with the outdoors. Researchers …



Discovering drivers of habitat hotspots with community science

One of the overwhelming messages from this federal election is that Australians care deeply about protecting our environment. We see this not only in our polling booths, but increasingly, also in the way communities partner with us on science that protects our planet. Environment Institute researchers are leading the way with ‘community science’, an innovative …



World Ocean Day 2022: Restoring our Lost Reef Ecosystems

Today we celebrate World Ocean Day! Environment Institute marine researchers are using the natural relationships between bivalves and macroalgae to enhance the restoration of South Australia’s lost reef ecosystems. Over 150 years ago, oyster reefs, kelp forests, and seagrass meadows lined the South Australian coastline. These ecosystems provided a rich and productive marine environment but …


University of Adelaide research making an impact

Professor Bob Hill gives an insight into our cross-faculty team and how we're making positive steps towards climate change, sustainability and the environment research.

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