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Combatting Wildlife and Environmental Crime

The pervasive impact of wildlife and environmental crime seriously endangers Australia’s unique landscapes and biodiversity, exposing us to potentially disastrous biosecurity risks, and threatening our livelihoods and wellbeing.

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Trees for Good Project: Budding Scientists Barking up the Right Tree

There’s not much that kids love more than digging holes in dirt. And recently, a group of students from Alberton Primary School got their hands dirty planting their own trees with the launch of an exciting new project 'Trees for Good'.

Playing sea soundscapes can summon thousands of baby oysters – and help regrow oyster reefs

Imagine you’re in a food court and spoilt for choice. How will you choose where to eat? It might be the look of the food, the smell, or even the chatter of satisfied customers. Marine animals do the same thing when choosing a good place to live.

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EVENT: Nature Festival – Memories we Carry of Nature, Food and Place: The Nature of Home

Growing, foraging, cooking, and sharing meals is an everyday active engagement with culture, community and place, and the process of making and sharing meals has been key to our sense of connection to culture. Cooking can also be an acknowledgement of the more-than-human life we share a place with. By shopping local, foraging or growing, …



Exposing Australia’s online trade in pest plants – we’ve found thousands of illegal advertisements

Do you buy plants online? You might be breaking the law without even knowing it. We found hundreds of different invasive plants and prohibited weeds advertised on a popular online marketplace. For the first time, our research has exposed the frequent, high volume trade in pest plants across Australia. State and territory governments are adopting …



PODCAST: Exotic plants and animals: the illegal wildlife trade happening right under your nose

There is increasing interest in owning wild and exotic animals and the internet is able to serve up whatever your heart desires, even if importing these animals is illegal. In the latest Ecofuturist episode, Professor Andy Lowe speaks with Dr Phill Cassey and PhD student Charlotte Lassaline, both from the School of Biological Sciences as well as …


University of Adelaide research making an impact

Professor Bob Hill gives an insight into our cross-faculty team and how we're making positive steps towards climate change, sustainability and the environment research.

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