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Saltmash mangrove by Hannah Tan

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Here for Good

Peter Garrett performing at the Here for Good concert, March The University is committed to a sustainable future, and has ambitions to lead and deliver positive and sustainable change for good. Solving known and evolving problems of today, and preparing our emerging leaders for tomorrow, is our strength. The previous Campus Sustainability Plan (2016-2020) outlined …



Rising to the Challenge

Native oyster reef renewal Professor Andy Lowe, Interim Director of the Environment Institute, gives a brief snapshot of the vital environmental research – and actions – underway at our University. The problems we face as a planetary species are daunting in scale and volume – but can be solved through a combination of research (to …



Natural Hazards Research Australia ECR Development Fellowships

Drs Amelie Jeanneau and Phillipa McCormack were recently the proud recipients of the Natural Hazards Research Australia Early Career Research Fellowships. This follows Dr McComack’s success in receiving a Fellowship in 2022. Dr Amelie Jeanneau is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the School of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Her research lies in the assessment of the relative …



ARC Industry Laureate Fellowships 2023 success

  Congratulations to Associate Professor Phill Cassey on receiving an Australian Research Council (ARC) Industry Laureate Fellowship for a project ‘Combatting wildlife crime and preventing environmental harm‘. Wildlife crime is one of the greatest threats to environmental and human security across the globe. In Australia, the illegal harvesting, killing, and trade of wild animals and …



Secrets of the Tasmanian Tiger TV Show

Palaeontologist Dr Liz Reed features in the new Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) Australia series The Lost beasts ‘Secrets of the TasmanianTiger. Discover fascinating insight into the lives & misconceptions of the Tasmanian Tiger. View on SBS on Demand



PODCAST: Water: too much, too little, too dirty

Water is finally back on the global table after 46 years of not being discussed at a global scale conference.  Conservation, salinity, pricing, agriculture, cultural use – the list goes on.  Is the subject of ‘water rights’ at risk of getting lost in an endless talk fest?  Where do we start when trying to come …

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