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Global Ecology Laboratory

  • Adaptive Responses for Sustainable Environments
  • Population Health & Social Impacts
  • Productive Agriculture under Global Change

The Global Ecology Laboratory (GEL) undertakes world-leading multidisciplinary research to mitigate the actions of human-induced biological change across all environments and develop adaptive strategies to respond to the anticipated impacts of climate change.

It is widely acknowledged that the planet has become warmer over the past century and that much of the observed warming has been due to increases in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the most significant of which is carbon dioxide.

Despite efforts to reduce emissions it is predicted that increased temperatures and drier conditions are likely to generate pressures on both natural and agricultural systems across southern Australia.

It is therefore important to build knowledge about the climate dependency of native and introduced species and how they are likely to respond to variations in climate and identify the most vulnerable systems and regions.

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Global Ecology Laboratory

The University of Adelaide
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