CRC for Productive Coasts and Industries

The CRC for Productive Coasts and Industries (PCI) represents a national partnership to secure and ensure long-term growth in productivity, profitability and the health of Australia’s coastal industries and ecosystems.

CRC for Productive Coasts and Industries

Australia’s coastal industries are productive, competitive, and iconic. They contribute billions of dollars to local, state, and national economies and provide employment for hundreds of thousands of people. 

Yet, while there is high potential for growth in coastal industries and agribusiness, the development of assets and use of resources is becoming more and more contested. Fifty per cent of all Australian’s live within 7km of the coast, because this vibrant environment provides a highly valued lifestyle, and the vast majority of Australia’s cities and urban developments are in coastal areas. 

In addition to being a contested space, challenges arising from economic, social and environmental change, especially climate change, means the ongoing productivity and resilience of coastal ecosystems is increasingly at risk.

The University of Adelaide, the University of Western Australia and the University of the Sunshine Coast are working together to build a foundation of research capability to support a bid to establish the CRC for Coastal Health and Wealth.

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Dr Heidi Alleway
Bid leader, CRC for Productive Coasts and Industries

Phone: +61 (0) 417 911 366

CRC for Productive Coasts and Industries