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Our mission is to delivers relevant, innovative and actionable outcomes to complex environmental challenges, to improve the health of the environment, our wellbeing and to sustain the Australian economy.

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In a changing environmental landscape marked by environmental disasters and dividing debates, the Environment Institute’s systemic approach to complex environmental challenges brings together multidisciplinary teams across science, economics, law, psychology, philosophy, social science and engineering.

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    Support EchidnaCSI

    Following the KI bushfires, EchidnaCSI is looking to investigate the effects of fire on echidnas and aid in their rehabilitation. Through this community-based project, they will discover: 

    • the diet of echidnas in the burnt areas
    • how this affected their health and
    • what insect species are now present after burning

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    Support the iBandi Project

    The iBandi Project helps Adelaide Hills' citizen scientists, find food and shelter for endangered bandicoots.

    Blackberry bush patches are located as a backup to the Southern brown bandicoots' natural, dense bushland habitat, using the iNaturalist App. These furry bandicoots are a rare sight and the last of eight bandicoot species living wild in South Australia. 

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    Our researchers are able to translate science into management, policy and technology solutions.

    This year, we have seen the devastating impact bushfires have had in Australia. Closer to home in South Australia, Lobethal and Kangaroo Island have borne the brunt of this loss, with communities and ecosystems greatly impacted. There are many ways our research can help rebuild these areas. These include:

    • analysis of climatic, environmental and cultural influences on fire regimes
    • characterisation of past fire frequencies, extents and regimes to inform fire prediction, control burning and habitat management for wildlife
    • monitoring the response of plant species to regeneration
    • understanding respiratory and inflammatory response to minimise long term health adversity
    • co-designing alternatives to prescribed burns for landscape-scale and fine-scale management
    • resilient approaches to planning, building design and construction.


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    Our researchers excel on the world stage by tackling research challenges related to:

    • water
    • climate change resilience
    • adaptation and mitigation
    • biodiversity, conservation
    • marine biology
    • palaeontology and genetics

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    University of Adelaide research making an impact

    Professor Bob Hill gives an insight into our cross-faculty team and how we're making positive steps towards climate change, sustainability and the environment research.