Echidna Conservation Science Initiative - Echidna CSI

Echidna CSI is an Australia-wide initiative that is helping to conserve our wild echidnas.

We are a team of world-leading echidna researchers connecting with the community to learn more about these unique creatures.

Thousands of Australians have sent us photos of echidnas through our Echidna CSI app. They have even collected echidna poo for University of Adelaide researchers to use for molecular analysis.

Echidna CSI has collected unprecedented data and material to help ensure the long-term survival of this iconic Australian animal.

Echidna research and conservation

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Echidna research

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Echidna CSI news

Giving Day: Citizen Science supports important research

On 31 October the University will hold its inaugural Giving Day.  This will be a 24-hour fundraising challenge where our community has fun, raises awareness about the benefits of philanthropy, and has the chance to make a gift to the cause they are most passionate about at the University of Adelaide. Gifts to our featured funds …

Echidna CSI wins at the SA Science Excellence and Innovations Awards

We are delighted to have had four Environment Institute members/teams as finalists at the SA Science Excellence and Innovations Awards 2021. Congratulations to Echidna CSI, winner of the SA Citizen Science and Engagement Awards – Outstanding Science and Research. The Echidna Conservation Science Initiative (Echidna CSI) brings together world-leading ecological and molecular researchers, students, and the …

EVENT: Exploring echidnas, poop and insects on Kangaroo Island

Join our researchers in echidna and insect biology, to learn all about the secret lives of these remarkable species on Kangaroo Island. Did you know that the Kangaroo Island echidna is the best studied echidna population in the world? That there are unique insects that live on the island that can’t be found anywhere else? …


Image credits: Banner image - Cecilia Webster; 'Download the app' image - Matthew Wilkinson.