Climate & Biodiversity

In an unpredictable future, our leading researchers are making a change in climate research.

Global Change Ecology & Conservation

This research team is led by Associate Professor Damien Fordham. As trans-disciplinary scientists and research students, they bring a range of critical skills to the topic of global environmental change on natural systems: an area characterised by complexity and some irreducible uncertainty.

Global change ecology & conservation

Climate Futures

Climate Futures transdisciplinary team of researchers have united to provide the context, tools and policy guidance needed to help mitigate future biodiversity losses and maintain resilient ecosystems in the face of shifting climates. Our researchers can identify the trajectory and causes of climate-driven biodiversity responses, and formulate evidence-based solutions to protect natural and human systems from climatic change.

Climate futures

Combatting Wildlife and Environmental Crime

The pervasive impact of wildlife and environmental crime seriously endangers Australia’s unique landscapes and biodiversity, exposing us to potentially disastrous biosecurity risks, and threatening our livelihoods and wellbeing.

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