Rewilding Marine Ecosystems

We’re national leaders and champions of change in marine restoration. Our multidisciplinary approach brings together marine biology, social science, psychology, economics, legal studies and community wellbeing to drive policy development, legislative change and social and ecological progress.

Our achievements

  • Home of some of the Southern Hemisphere's largest marine restoration projects

  • Rewilding of an extinct ecosystem

  • Largest seagrass restoration outside USA

  • Improved coastal water quality

Once the fish factories and 'kidneys' of colder seas, Australia's decimated shellfish reefs are coming back

Australia once had vast oyster and mussel reefs, which anchored marine ecosystems and provided a key food source for coastal First Nations people.

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South Australia's second large-scale oyster reef restoration will be constructed off the Adelaide metropolitan coast

An ambitious nationwide restoration program now seeks to bring back Oyster reefs along Australia's coastline.

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Can we revive extinct ecosystems with music?

Hear from Dr Dominic McAfee, an award-winning marine biologist, who’s figured out exactly what tunes to play to get our reefs going again. 

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