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Successful ASSA Workshop Grant:

 In great news to end off the year, The Fay Gale Centre was successful in its application for an ASSA funded workshop - From Theory to Practice: Leveraging Feminist Approaches to Care at a Time of Crisis. Click here for more information: 

[Read more about Successful ASSA Workshop Grant: ]

Reading Feminism Book Club

Our final book(s) of the year are Alison Bechdel's graphic novels 'Fun Home' and 'Are you my mother'! Join us to talk about family, queerness, and drawing the feminist archive. we will also spend some time planning our future readings and sharing ideas for the new year! When: Wednesday 15th, 5:30pm. Where: LG24 Napier, or outside if the weather is nice! 

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Academic Emotions: Feeling the Institution

Fay Gale Centre member Associate Professor Katie Barclay has a new book out, published by Cambridge University Press as part of the Elements in Histories of Emotions and the Sense series. Titled Academic Emotions: Feeling the Institution, the book draws on a rich array of writing about the modern academy by contemporary academics and explores the emotional dynamics of the academy as a disciplining institution, the production of the academic self, and the role of emotion in negotiating power in the ivory tower. 

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Fay Gale Centre Book Launch: Posthuman Legal Subjectivity

The Fay Gale Centre is delighted to invite you to the launch of Dr Jana Norman’s book Posthuman Legal Subjectivity: Reimagining the Human in the AnthropoceneJana’s book draws on conceptual fields associated with the new sciences, including new materialisms and posthuman critical theory, to demonstrate that the naturalised hierarchy of humans over nature in the Western social imaginary is anything but natural. It then sets about constructing a counternarrative. It is an original and important analysis of the legal status of the human in the Anthropocene will be of great interest to those working in legal theory, jurisprudence, environmental law and the environmental humanities; as well as those with relevant interests in gender studies, cultural studies, feminist theory, critical theory and philosophy. When: Thursday, November 25th at 5:30pm, Where: Ingkarni Wardli, Level 7. RSVP to:

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Fay Gale Lunchtime Seminar Series

We are also to welcome Professor Anna Hickey-Moody (RMIT) to present this month’s lunchtime seminar, titled Belonging, connectedness and well-being in the lives of Australian children.’ This seminar explores belonging, connectedness and wellbeing in the stories of over 300 Australian children. Anna Hickey-Moody will discuss the ways in which children express their feelings of belonging, the human and more-than-human networks that make up their communities and the digital and physical ways in which they maintain connectedness to their communities. When: Friday 26th November, 12-1pm Where: Napier 209 - and online via Zoom. Visit here for more information. 

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Alliance of Gender Scholars: Meeting

Please join us this Thursday for  a casual Alliance catch-up. Bring along anything you want to brainstorm, ask opinions on, talk through or read through! There will be wine. When: Thursday 28th Oct, 4pm Where: Napier, room 108. 

[Read more about Alliance of Gender Scholars: Meeting]

Reading Feminism Book Club

Please join us to discuss this month's book, 'Testo Junkie' by Paul Preciado. What constitutes a "real" man or woman in the twenty-first century? Since birth control pills, erectile dysfunction remedies, and factory-made testosterone and estrogen were developed, biology is definitely no longer destiny. Join us to talk sexed bodies, trans subjectivity, hormones, pornography, grief, queer collectivity, experimental life writing and more! When: Wednesday 27th October, 5:30pm. Where: Lower Napier, Room 24. 

[Read more about Reading Feminism Book Club ]

2021 Barbara Kidman Fellowships: Info Session

On the 15th of October 2021 the Academic Women's Forum and the Fay Gale Centre held an information session for the Barbara Kidman Fellowships. Please see the link for access to a recording of this session. Barbara Kidman Information Session (15th Oct, 2021) 

[Read more about 2021 Barbara Kidman Fellowships: Info Session]

Fay Gale Lunchtime Seminar Series

Please join us this month for a presentation by Associate Professor Dr Duygu Yengin (School of Economics and Public Policy): "How women's underrepresentation hurts us all: Research based solutions for a collective problem." Feel free to bring along your lunch. When: Friday 22nd October. Where: Napier Room 208 - and online via Zoom. Visit here for more information. 

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Productive exposures: Vulnerability as a parallel practice of care in ethnographic and community spaces

Fay Gale Centre members  Dr Gabby Zizzo, Professor Megan Warin and Dr Tanya Zivkovic have a publication out in the Australian Journal of Anthropology. Titled, "Productive exposures: Vulnerability as a parallel practice of care in ethnographic and community spaces,' the paper examines how a community program working with families identified as 'disadvantaged' in South Australia strategically uses vulnerability as a productive resource and a practice of care. In theorising vulnerability through parallel practices in both ethnographic approaches and this community program, we argue that vulnerability can be leveraged away from negative welfare discourses towards alternative politics of radical care and social change. 

[Read more about Productive exposures: Vulnerability as a parallel practice of care in ethnographic and community spaces]

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