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Fay Gale Centre Book Launch: Posthuman Legal Subjectivity

The Fay Gale Centre is delighted to invite you to the launch of Dr Jana Norman’s book Posthuman Legal Subjectivity: Reimagining the Human in the AnthropoceneJana’s book draws on conceptual fields associated with the new sciences, including new materialisms and posthuman critical theory, to demonstrate that the naturalised hierarchy of humans over nature in the Western social imaginary is anything but natural. It then sets about constructing a counternarrative. It is an original and important analysis of the legal status of the human in the Anthropocene will be of great interest to those working in legal theory, jurisprudence, environmental law and the environmental humanities; as well as those with relevant interests in gender studies, cultural studies, feminist theory, critical theory and philosophy. When: Thursday, November 25th at 5:30pm, Where: Ingkarni Wardli, Level 7. RSVP to:

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