International strategy

The University of Adelaide's Future Making strategic plan serves to shape the University’s trajectory towards its 150th year and beyond. Within this, there are Five Pillars of Excellence.

International Plan

The University’s International Plan supports the Connected to the Global World of Ideas Pillar of Excellence and outlines how the University will pursue success internationally through a range of high-level initiatives including:

1. Partnering with the world’s best

Founded on research and teaching strategic priorities, the University will enhance existing and develop new partnerships in areas of socioeconomic importance to the nation.

2. Diversifying the student body

The University focuses on developing a culturally diverse student body through forging and maintaining international partnerships in existing and emerging markets. Initiatives to enable diversification include: providing a range of targeted scholarships, increasing access to programs through sponsorships across the globe, offering study overseas programs and developing new modes of delivery to reach more students in more places.

3. Gearing the culture for a global future

The University continues to evolve its cosmopolitan culture by embracing diversity and providing internationalised teaching experiences. This takes place both at home and abroad through programs such as: large-scale exchange partnerships, short-term study tours, innovative internships and cultural experiences on campuses.

4. Connected international alumni

Strong, multifaceted connections with the University’s international alumni strengthens all aspects of global connectivity. The University will engage further with alumni by: creating new networks, generating employability programs drawn from alumni experiences and insights, and staying connected to provide an avenue of lifelong learning for their professional development.