DVCA Prof. Pascale Quester awarded AMA's SportSIG award


Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President Professor Pascale Quester has been awarded the American Marketing Association's Distinguished Career Contributions to the Scientific Understanding of Sport Business Award. With nearly 150 refereed journal articles, more than 90 refereed conference proceeding papers and practices and three leading textbooks to her name, Professor Quester has been cited nearly 7,000 times for her work across sponsorship-linked marketing, consumer behavior, and relationship marketing.

On receiving the award, Pascale says: “While I am obviously disappointed I shall not be able to collect this award in person due to the travel ban, I am immensely proud of this endorsement of my research over the last 25 years. These are very rarely awarded to researchers outside of the USA so as an Australian, New Zealand, French researcher, I think I am doing my bit to shine the light on non US research in Marketing!”

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