Ramadan Iftar packs for international students

cropped girl with pack

Courtesy of the Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce & Industry, 250 Iftar packs were prepared for distribution to international students on 18 & 19 May. All packs contained products from local producers and small businesses, in support of South Australian business.

Over 140 students registered their interest in receiving a pack in advance of the distribution. PhD student Rabiah Rahmat from Malaysia said:

"Thank you for thinking of us during this hard time, we appreciate it very much and we thank International Student Support at the University of Adelaide, AACCI, and Study Adelaide for this initiative." Rabiah Rahmat, PhD student 


Iftar pack contents

Ramadan is the holy month observed by the Muslim religion. It involves reflection and prayer, as well as a month of fasting between sunrise and sunset every day. The Iftar is the meal served at sunset each day of Ramadan to break the day's fast. Iftar meals can typically consist of dates, soup, salad, and a main course, and be accompanied by flavoured water, juice, or yoghurt drinks. The Iftar packs given to students included dried fruit, nuts, juice, biscuits, ricotta cheese, and jam (pictured).

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