Australia Awards Scholarship virtual graduation

Professor Jacqueline Lo

Professor Jacqueline Lo, Pro Vice-Chancellor (International), hosted the virtual ceremony.

Twenty-four students participated today in an Australia Awards Scholars virtual graduation ceremony via Zoom - a first for our institution.

Professor Jacqueline Lo, Pro Vice-Chancellor (International), served as keynote speaker and was delighted to celebrate with these high-achieving graduates, who all completed Master qualifications in a range of disciplines including Engineering, Professions, Education, Health and Food & Agriculture, in the first half of 2020. Professor Lo noted the challenges students had faced in the current global pandemic, commending their resilience and reflecting on the valuable experiences gained.

Study abroad is more than just an opportunity to travel ... [it] is the challenge of engaging with an entirely different education system. Global education allows us to gain a deeper, more nuanced understanding of our disciplines, and opens the door to thinking in interstitial ways, between and across disciplines, cultures and knowledge systems.Professor Jacqueline Lo

These students' contributions to their disciplines are appreciated by the University and the broader community, enriching our institution's cultural diversity and demonstrating a level of diligence and personal sacrifice to be commended.

We wish our scholars the very best of luck in their future endeavours, and hope they will remain in touch with our University community.

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