International Open Day launched successfully

Open Day main image

On 17 and 18 September, the University of Adelaide hosted International Open Day to offer an immersive experience to commencing and prospective students. Students were transported virtually to our North Terrace campus during these challenging times.

Across the two days, students watched talks in the comfort of their own home, connected with student services such as International Student Support, and took in-depth virtual tours of our world-class facilities to get a close-up feel for life in Adelaide. Students also visited faculties and support services via virtual booths to chat openly with staff about their future career and study goals.

71 countries were represented by students visiting the platform, with the top 10 outside of Australia including India, Singapore, Vietnam, China, and the USA. Over 2200 text and video chats were conducted over the two-day event, as well as 2400 views of the talks and Q&A sessions and over 1100 file downloads.

Students showed the most interest in general University information, however interest peaked at the booths for the Adelaide Business School; Computer Science & IT; Architectural, Design & Built Environment; Civil, Structural, Environmental and Mining Engineering; and Medicine. In regards to student services, students showed strong interest in Accommodation, Career Services, and Student Life.

To date, feedback from students on all Open Day events (both domestic and international) has been positive, with many praising the convenience of being able to attend online to fit the event around their busy schedules.

We look forward to continuing to build on the success of 2020 and 2021’s virtual Open Days to bring an exciting and engaging event again in 2022.

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