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Singaporean student Joash Tham is the winner of Adelaide Uni’s Got Talent, taking home the grand prize with his song ‘Adelaide For Me’.

Joash came to Adelaide from Singapore in 2019, and is currently in his third year of dental school at the University of Adelaide.

While at the University, Joash has immersed himself in campus life and culture. He has joined a social soccer team, a local church, is part of the Adelaide Uni Hip Hop club, and frequents tennis courts in Adelaide. He has picked up a variety of new hobbies, including crabbing, surfing, camping, cooking, online shopping, exercising, and even emceeing.

Joash describes his life in Adelaide as “branching out of his comfort zone” – even writing ‘Adelaide For Me’ and performing at Adelaide Uni’s Got Talent was a step outside of his usual activities. ‘Adelaide For Me’ is a tribute to Joash’s love for Adelaide and the many places he would share with his family if they were able to visit him from Singapore.

His heartfelt song hit home for many staff, students, and members of the public. Not only does it demonstrate his songwriting talent, but it captures how many have felt and continue to feel throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Pro-Vice Chancellor (International) office was pleased to meet Joash when he visited the office on 2 September to perform a charming rendition of his song.  Please see below for the original video he submitted to the Adelaide Uni's Got Talent competition.

Joash's winning entry into the Adelaide Uni's Got Talent competition. 

On studying in Australia, Joash said: “I’ve definitely learnt to speak a bit slower and more clearly so that I can be understood! It took a while to get used to but I remember having to repeat myself many times when I first arrived simply because I was talking too fast.”

“Having caring tutors and coordinators has really made a very big difference in my curriculum experience. I really appreciate how some go above and beyond to ensure that we are all taken care of. I also enjoy the small events scattered throughout the year like the de-stressing days, as well as the free University breakfast – which I regularly frequent.”

“I can’t say that I like the cold here, but I absolutely love wearing hoodies and beanies! Besides that, I also enjoy the lifestyle of working hard during the day and going home early to cook a nice dinner or hang out with friends.”

In the future, Joash sees himself back in Singapore working as a dentist, hopefully owning dogs and songwriting on the weekends. He also aims to teach, whether in a local dental school or overseas providing dental care to developing countries.


Joash Tham dentistry

Get to Know Joash

What is your favourite restaurant in Adelaide?

Michiru – they have an Oyako Don that I really like, and it has become a quick and easy comfort food for me.


Adelaide Hills or Adelaide’s beaches?

Beaches for sure.


What is your go-to study playlist?

LoFi Hip Hop Radio – beats to relax/study to


Home delivery or home-cooked meals?

Home-cooked, only because it’s cheaper!


Getting dressed for uni or staying in pyjamas?

I would be in my pyjamas all day if I could.


Reading or streaming TV/movies?

TV/movies. The Office will forever and always be my favourite TV show.

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