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HiTeMP Forum

HiTeMP Forum - Zero Carbon High Temperature Mineral Processing

HiTeMP Forum

Zero Carbon High Temperature Mineral Processing


To prepare for an energy and carbon-constrained future, leading mineral processing and refining companies have already started to decarbonise.

The Zero Carbon High Temperature Mineral Processing Forum brings together companies, researchers, investors and policy makers to scope further action on decarbonising the mineral processing sector. After the overwhelming success of the first Forum, further activities are planned.

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HiTeMP forum showing venue and delegates

Outcomes of the 2018 Forum

The forum reached an expert consensus on the following key questions:

  1. Success: What would successes look like in the path to reducing carbon emissions for heavy industry in 3, 10, 20 and 40 years?
  2. Key Opportunities: What opportunities have strong potential for CO2 mitigation for relevant high temperature industrial processing using:
    1. Renewable energy
    2. Any other process
  3. Barriers: What are the key barriers to the uptake of renewable energy or other low-carbon processes into high temperature minerals processing?
  4. Enablers: What role do government, researchers and industry play in enabling the pathway to decarbonise heavy industry?
  5. Pathway: What role do lower temperature process within the mining and minerals processing sectors, play in the path to enabling low carbon production with high temperature processes?

HiTeMP 2018 Report

A report is currently being prepared including a summary of the event and the industry identified challenges with pathways to solutions. To order a copy please email the organisers stating your name, job designation, company and email address.


The Organisers

The Centre for Energy Technology in the Institute for Mineral and Energy Resources at the University of Adelaide is an active and forward looking research centre, working towards accelerating society's transition to carbon neutrality.

Speakers at the 2018 forum

The Forum welcomed an international list of speakers and panellists, from Industry, policy-making bodies and research organisations, including Mr Sanjeev Gupta, Executive Chairman and CEO of GFG Alliance.

Program of the 2018 Forum

The program provided an opportunity to reflect on the current global state of high temperature mineral processing with plenty of opportunities for discussion and networking and the chance to formulate future directions.