The Second International Forum on Zero Carbon High Temperature Minerals Processing (HiTeMP-2)

The HiTeMP-2 Forum will bring together global leaders from industry, research, investors, non-government agencies and policy makers to chart the pathway to transition heavy industry towards net-zero-CO2 emissions, addressing the need for heat, chemicals and electricity. Leading mineral processing and refining companies across the world have already started to decarbonise in response to emerging markets for low carbon products.

Join us at HiTeMP-2

We invite you to join us for HiTeMP-2, where we will build on the outcomes of the inaugural HiTeMP forum and identify the next steps for the sector. The Forum engages key stakeholder groups to develop synthesised perspectives of emerging drivers, technologies and opportunities to further decarbonise energy-intensive, high temperature process industries.

Come to hear exemplars from around the world and participate in the discussion to help shape a carbon-constrained future and prepare for the new, low-carbon economy, particularly for the iron/steel, cement/lime/alumina and copper industries.

General enquiries

Centre for Energy Technology
Email: imer@adelaide.edu.au
Phone: +61 8 8313 2559

The HiTeMP-2 Forum is organised by the Centre for Energy Technology at the University of Adelaide and is supported by Mission Innovation.

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