How to Report

You can make a report to the Integrity Unit completing the online reporting form, emailing us, or calling us. You can also report in person, please email or call us to make a time. 

If you’re unsure where to make a report or want to talk to someone about the process, you can contact the Integrity Unit for advice.

You can contact the Integrity Unit anonymously by phone. Contact with the Unit via any channel will be treated confidentially, unless we are obliged by law to disclose your information, in which case we will inform you. If your information needs to be shared within the University to enable your report to be actioned, we will discuss that with you prior to that occurring.

It is helpful if you provide as much information as you can in relation to your report, including copies of any evidence, and the details of any witnesses; however this can be provided later if you are finding it distressing.

The information below is general to all type of matters that can be raised with the Integrity Unit. Detailed information specifically about sexual misconduct is available. 

  • Complaints and disclosures

    Where you have been the victim of inappropriate conduct (including sexual misconduct, bullying, harassment or discrimination) you can make a report to the Integrity Unit as either a disclosure or a complaint.

    A disclosure is a report made where the reporter does not want the University to take direct action in response to the matter. Disclosures help the University understand the type of issues and incidents that are occurring in the University, while recognising that those who have experienced this conduct may not wish to be involved in a complaint or investigation process at that time. The University will endeavour to respect the wishes of the victim in these matters. However, in certain circumstances, including where there appears to be an imminent risk to safety, the University may need to take action in response to a disclosure  (we will endeavour to discuss this with you first if that is the case).

    A complaint is a report made where the reporter does want the University to take action. Options for addressing a complaint may include facilitated resolution (such as mediation) or investigation. The wishes of the complainant will be considered in determining the appropriate course of action.

    A reporter may elect to change their matter from a disclosure to a complaint, and vice versa, at any time.  Where the University has commenced a misconduct process in relation to a complaint, the reporter may elect not to participate further in that process at any time.

  • Other reporting options

    If you prefer, you can access other reporting options. Any internal area receiving a report about sexual misconduct, bullying, harassment, discrimination, fraud, corruption or maladministration must notify the Integrity Unit of the report.

    For staff:

    • Contact an HR Advisor to make a report about the conduct of a staff member

    For students:

    Other options:

    • If your concern involves an issue of immediate physical safety on campus, you should contact Campus Security
    • If your concern involves a risk to health and safety, you can lodge a report via the UniSafe App
    • For matter relating to Academic Integrity, contact Academic Integrity
    • For matters relating to Research Integrity, contact Research Integrity

    External reporting options:

    • If your concern involves possible criminal conduct, you may wish to report the matter to SAPOL. We are happy to talk to you about that first if you wish. You are encouraged to report the matter to the University as well and let us know that it is also being dealt with by SAPOL.
    • If you are a University employee, an officer of the University, a titleholder, a volunteer, a consultant or a contractor who provides services to the University, you are a Public Officer under the Independent Commission Against Corruption Act 2012 (SA) and are required by law to report any matter they reasonably suspect involves corruption in public administration to the Office for Public Integrity