IPAS Cryoclock leading the SA Photonics Roadmap

Andre Luiten - The Advertiser

IPAS start-up Cryoclock is proudly part of the fast- growing photonics industry which contributes $4.3bn to the Australian economy. SA output is $412m, and with 1174 employees generates $117,500/employee, which is just under national average for the industry.

Cryoclock was launched in 2016 by Prof Andre Luiten and Adj Prof John Hartnett to commercialise their Sapphire Clock technology, which can generate signals a thousand times purer than any other commercial system available. Prof Andre Luiten is so excited that Cryoclock will move their facilities to Lot Fourteen soon. “We’ve absolutely hit on a winner, so we’re very excited”. Prof Luiten added “It’s great to be able to employ young people in high paying jobs that really require smarts.”

Thanks to Prof Andre Luiten’s strategic leadership, IPAS has developed its mission to transform various breakthrough science to commercialised applications. Cryoclock, as well as other IPAS start-ups, has continued thriving their science excellence contributing to the Australian growing photonics sector.

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