A global hub of Photonics research, creating transformational new approaches to sensing and transdisciplinary problem solvers.

Many of the challenges we face as a society can only be solved by pursuing a transdisciplinary approach to science. The Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing (IPAS) has been created to bring together experimental physicists, chemists, material scientists, biologists, experimentally driven theoretical scientists and medical researchers to create new sensing and measurement technologies.






Space Industry Work Experience at IPAS

From 13-15 July, IPAS/OzGrav was delighted to host the 2021 Space Industry Work Experience Program. This is a unique work experience program giving South Australian secondary school students, personal insight into the space industry, an understanding of necessary skills and qualifications, and networking opportunities, to inspire space-focused STEM careers. From a total of 162 applications, all from very high achieving students across both Metro and Rural schools, Tom Clancy, Natalie Hand and Albert Thomson were successfully selected for the 2020/2021 South Australian Space Industry Work Experience Program.



IPAS warmly welcomes 2021 ARC Laureate Fellow

Congratulations to Prof Kishan Dholakia, IPAS member from the School of Biological Sciences, for being awarded a prestigious 2021 ARC Australian Laureate Fellowship, a fiercely competitive fellowship only awarded to researchers who have truly achieved international eminence in their fields of expertise.