Re-imagining SA’s energy future through a US and international lens

Dr David Mooney

The 2017 Luxton Memorial Lecture

Thursday 22 June 2017, 5.30 for a 6pm start

The Braggs Lecture Theatre

Dr David Mooney, Director of the Strategic Energy Analysis Center, National Renewable Energy Laboratories, Colorado, USA.

A recording is now available on YouTube.

New ideas and innovative technologies are critical to energy system transformation. The lecture will provide insights from a leading global think tank to assist South Australians to identify the path to economically attractive, sustainable and secure energy.

South Australia is already at the forefront of the transition to a renewable energy future and there is great potential for local industry to benefit from the new investments that are needed to meet national and international targets for CO2 mitigation.  Our outstanding resources of solar, wind, ocean and geothermal, offer potential for economic opportunity if the transition is well managed.  However, careful planning, local-global partnerships in technology development and market reform are also needed to manage the risks and ensure a successful transition to  a clean,  economically productive and secure energy future.

Dr Mooney is a global leader in efforts to identify and address technical issues associated with large-scale deployment and integration of renewable and efficiency technologies into existing energy infrastructure. The Strategic Energy Analysis Center at NREL is at the forefront of increasing understanding around the interactions and roles of energy policies, markets, technologies, environmental impacts, economic impacts and infrastructure in the deployment of clean energy technologies.

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