Successful hydrogen event sparks biennial series

HyPT Forum 2019

The Centre for Energy Technology (CET) held a very successful one day forum addressing the complementary roles anticipated for various emerging alternative carbon-neutral hydrogen production technologies, the Hydrogen Production Technologies, HyPT Forum, on Monday the 23rd of September 2019.  This multi-stakeholder forum was part of a week of hydrogen related activities supported by the SA Government, which also included the International Conference on Hydrogen Safety and a community engagement forum on hydrogen.

More than 100 delegates from 8 countries attended the forum with a strong representation from industry, government and academia. It was organized into three sessions, each of which included two keynotes and a series of invited panellists, followed by a panel discussion.  The first session addressed the current state of affairs and policy drivers, while the subsequent one addressed the roles of the various types of emerging hydrogen production technology, spanning production made from fossil or biomass sources to those from water and renewable energy. The high profile speakers included representatives of SA and Federal Governments, ARENA, Future Fuels CRC,  industry, DLR-Germany, Siemens and academics from different universities including the university of Adelaide. The feedback from an online survey and verbally yielded an average of score of 94% for all questions relating to quality and relevance, with 100% saying they would recommend the forum to colleagues. On this basis, the CET now plans to host this forum biennially. An archival communique is being prepared and will be distributed among delegates and online for future reference.

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