Dr Michael Gibbard receives prestigous IEEE award

Dr Michael Gibbard

Congratulations to Dr Michael Gibbard, who has received the IEEE Power Engineering Society’s Prabha S. Kundar Power System Dynamics and Control Award for 2020, for his extraordinary contributions to the theory and software tools for small-signal stability analysis and power system control.

The award is made in honour of Dr. Prabha S. Kundur, who worked on the leading edge of developments in power system dynamics and control for nearly four decades.  His contributions to the technical advancements in the understanding and control of power system dynamic behaviour are known world-wide.

This is a significant recognition of Dr Gibbard’s contribution to the field of power system dynamics and control conducted for most of his long career at the University of Adelaide. Since retiring from the university, Mike has continued his association with the university, as an Honorary Visiting Research Fellow with the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. In addition, he has recently had a paper accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Power Systems.

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