Nigel Cook is Australia’s leader in geochemisty and mineralogy

Prof Nigel Cook

Congratulations to Professor Nigel Cook, who has been selected as a Life Sciences and Earth Sciences research field leader in Australia, for geochemistry and mineralogy. He joins a list of 30 Australian scholars, who have been named at the top of their life sciences’ fields.

Professor Cook had the highest number of citations from papers published in the last five years in the top 20 journals in the geochemistry and mineralogy field. The University of Adelaide was also named as the top Australian research institution for geochemistry and mineralogy, along with microbiology. The top Australian research institution by field, was also based on the institution with the most citations in the top 20 journals for the last five years.

To see the complete list of top researchers and institutions and to learn more about Professor Nigel Cook's research, read Jill Rowbotham’s special report in The Australian.

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