Adelaide hosts successful forum on Hydrogen Production Technologies

HyPT-2 Forum

The Centre for Energy Technology at the University of Adelaide has held another successful international forum on hydrogen production technologies.

The HyPT-2 Forum was held virtually, as 6 webinars over 3 days, running from September 14-16, 2021. The keynote speakers and panellists were drawn from nine countries around the world, 28 of the 38 speakers from a range of industry and research settings were from overseas, from countries such as the US, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, Israel and Japan, the remaining 10 speakers from Australia, were drawn from across the country.

Topics ranged from the latest in current hydrogen production technologies, large scale-commercial electrolysers, discussing their limitations and future prospects, to emerging electrolysis technology, hydrogen from natural gas, thermochemical processes, hydrogen from bioresources and waste, and photo-electrochemical (PEC) and photocatalysis (PC).

Professor Greg Metha, convenor of the HyPT-2 forum said that the presentations were thought provoking and at the cutting edge in terms of current innovation and future potential for hydrogen as an alternative to carbon-based fossil fuels.

“This second HyPT forum has solidified its status as an important international biennial event. An opportunity for leaders in industry and research to exchange ideas, share knowledge and pose the hard questions that will lead the transition to hydrogen as a clean energy solution of the future”, he said.

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