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Energy capability

Introducing the ISER Energy Capabilities

The energy sector’s importance to planetary sustainability is difficult to overstate. We address these challenges in our new Energy Capabilities flyer here.

Clean energy and associated technologies are crucial to overcoming multiple challenges: decarbonising utilities, transport, heavy industry and mining; reducing air pollution and its health and environmental impacts; expanding developing countries’ and remote communities’ access to reliable electricity; the list goes on.

The University of Adelaide is a research, development and education leader in the energy fields as presented in this capabilities statement. We are continuing to invest significant human, technological and financial resources to ensure we remain at its cutting edge to help society meet the grand challenge of net zero by 2050.

We invite you to partner with us in providing the next generation of energy solutions to improve our environmental, economic and social sustainability—including through creating jobs for the future.

Energy capabilities flyer See our capabilities

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