University of Adelaide’s research expertise to help build Asian energy network

solar array panels blue sky

The University of Adelaide Solar Farms at Roseworthy Campus

The University of Adelaide, with leadership from its Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Resources (ISER), has become a partner in Asia Green Grid Network (AGGN) to help advance renewable energy connectivity across Asia.

Led by renewable energy company Sun Cable, the AGGN is a virtual network of leading businesses and universities. It brings together leading renewable energy experts to advance sustainable smart energy grid innovation in Asia.

The AGGN will help drive the innovation to accelerate the transmission of renewable electricity from Australia across Asia.

“The University of Adelaide is excited to contribute its research expertise to the AGGN and its important efforts. New and existing electricity grid technology, known as grid interconnectors, allow electricity to be transmitted between regional grids and improves economies of scale,” said the University of Adelaide’s Professor Michael Goodsite, Director, ISER.

This partnership in the AGGN is aligned with the University of Adelaide’s focus on the opportunities and challenges associated with sustainability research. ISER is already discussing with Sun Cable potential collaborative projects.

Sun Cable's Australia-Asia PowerLink (AAPowerLink) project aims to build one of the world’s largest renewable energy infrastructure projects to supply renewable energy to Darwin and Singapore. It is unmatched in its size, cost and complexity.

AAPowerLink aims to help decarbonise the power sector and herald a new renewable export industry for Australia. It is expected to create thousands of operational and construction jobs, and stimulate opportunities for local businesses and suppliers.

This news article was first posted here by the University of Adelaide Newsroom site on 27th October 2022.

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