Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Bids Submission

Bidding team in front of computers

The ISER team is proud to announce the submission of two Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) bids today:

  • The Scaling Green Hydrogen CRC  will take a collaborative approach to solving three problems: the absence of an integrated green hydrogen supply chain; no clear pathway across sectors to scale to meet demand; lack of a specialized work force to support building the green hydrogen industry in Australia, especially in regional areas. The outcome will be a robust green hydrogen industry that is essential to Australia’s sovereign economy and strategy for transitioning to a sustainable future.
  • The Copper for Tomorrow CRC aims to bring forward technologies that will position the Australian copper industry to double the copper production needed for the transition to clean energy by 2050, with a reduced environmental and social cost, whilst attracting a premium for the green copper produced. This is particularly salient in sensitive regional areas where primary production takes place.

Many thanks to everyone on the team and to all who have spent their time developing the bid. Especial thanks to all the partners that have joined the bids bringing together the vision of sustainable copper and hydrogen supply. All partners involved in these submissions have undoubtedly taken an initial, but crucial step to make that vision a reality.

Now, it is time to wait for the decision of the evaluation panel to be able to proceed to Stage. We expect to hear back mid-year on if we advance.

In the meantime, contact the bid team if you would like to join us during the stage 2 bid or for other efforts. We will consider new partners on a case-by-case basis. 

Michael Goodsite Adele Seymon Gavin Yeates Paula Angerstein Andy Holmes, Caroline McMillen Paul Hodgson ACEcD MAICD Chris Matthews Christian Doonan  

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