Centre for Sustainable Operations and Resilient Supply Chains (CSORSC)

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New Strategic Initiative at the University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide’s Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Resources (ISER) is thrilled and proudly announces the launch of the Centre for Sustainable Operations and Resilient Supply Chains (CSORSC). The Centre will launch in October 2023, headed by world-renowned supply chain researchers, Prof. Kannan Govindan and Dr. Devika Kannan. These experts have had a transformational impact on supply chains across industries globally.  In their new roles, they will build on Australia's strong reputation within digitalisation and environmentally sustainable solutions. The initiative will establish resilient manufacturing systems, enabled by digital technologies to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing.

CSORSC’s holistic and integrated approach to supply chain management brings together advanced modelling, AI, big data, machine learning, engineering, policy, geopolitics, ethics, economics, and systems design to develop end-to-end value chain solutions that minimize environmental impact and maximize competitiveness. These factors will build economically sustainable, resilient, and scalable manufacturing systems to enable production equipment reuse and extend product life. The Centre will help mobilise a new skilled workforce capable of sustaining advanced manufacturing in Australia while supporting Australia's economic and environmental welfare. 

The new Centre will help modernise supply chains as we move towards a circular economy and net zero in key sectors, including critical minerals and mining, medical devices and products, agriculture and wine, clean energy (hydrogen), defence, and space initiatives. 

For further information, contact Prof. Kannan Govindan and Dr. Devika Kannan


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