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ASPER excels at industry co-authorships

Dr Kathryn Amos

The Australian School of Petroleum and Energy Resources (ASPER) reveals 29.8% of research publications were co-authored by industry partners, published between 2017-20. 

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HILT CRC bid prospectus updated for round 2

The HILT CRC bid prospectus has been updated, as the team heads for round two of the bid. Download the prospectus from the CET website.

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Students to benefit from SACOME membership

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A group of 80 science and engineering students at the University of Adelaide will benefit from membership of the South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy (SACOME) thanks to the generosity of the Institute for Mineral and Energy Resources and SACOME.

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Transforming the heavy industrial sector to a low carbon future

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Companies are invited to partner in a new proposal to the Australian Government to form a Heavy Industry Low-carbon Transition Cooperative Research Centre (HILT CRC) to expedite the decarbonisation of Australia’s heavy industrial processes and produce materials vital to the local and global economies at lower costs and in more sustainable ways. Prospectus now available.

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Mine of information

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The Advertiser - Saturday, 9 May 2020

Universities and the mining industry are working closely together to ensure the workforce has the skilled workers required to analyse, experiment and improve, as well as provide pathways for graduates between study and employment.

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