Health Matters Lecture Series - COVID-19: A Public Health Response

Health Matters Lecture Series - COVID-19: A Public Health Response

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences’ Health Matters public lecture series presents:

COVID-19: A public health response 
Virtual lecture and Q&A - Facebook live

University of Adelaide public health experts are actively influencing the COVID-19 response with far-reaching national and global impact.

Join South Australia’s Chief Public Health Officer, Professor Nicola Spurrier, and our esteemed panel from the School of Public Health as they reflect on the underpinning role of public health in a pandemic, and their critical contributions to the research, response and recovery efforts protecting our community.

•    Professor Nicola Spurrier | Keynote speaker
•    Professor Tracy Merlin | How did we develop the first Roadmap to Recovery? 
•    Dr Adriana Milazzo | COVID-19 contact tracing: Why does it matter?
•    Professor Zoe Jordan | Thinking fast and slow: Evidence and judgement during COVID-19 
•    Professor Dino Pisaniello | Occupational hygiene and COVID-19
•    Professor Caroline Miller | Rapid evidence synthesis for COVID-19 policy


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