Science Week at the Waite

National Science Week

A series of short, fun and engaging talks and tours will be organised at the Waite Campus, University of Adelaide to explain the pivotal role plant scientists and agriculturists play in feeding and clothing us all.

We will present some of our research and explain how it will help meet the challenges posed by a growing world population and a changing climate. We’ll emphasise the diversity of plant science. The fact that some of us wear lab coats and rarely grow a plant in soil, while others conduct field trials or predict yields by satellite.

The aim of these sessions is to explain what we do, to highlight its importance to society and hopefully to inspire more young people to consider plant science as an exciting career.

The Australian Society of Plant Scientists and Adelaide University's School of Agriculture, Food and Wine present research aimed at feeding the world in 2050. After presentations by scientists, there will be tours of The Plant Accelerator, Waite Arboretum, TERN library and fun activities for the kids. Coffee available for purchase in Beltana cafe and complimentary danishes provided.


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