The Second International Forum on Hydrogen Production Technologies

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The Centre for Energy Technology at the Institute for Mineral and Energy Resources invites you to attend the second International Forum on Hydrogen Production Technologies (HyPT-2), a virtual event being held from September 16-18, 2021.

Building on the very successful Hydrogen Production Technologies (HyPT) Forum held in 2019, HyPT-2 will continue to explore, in depth, a range of current and emerging zero carbon emission (CO2-free) hydrogen production technologies.
The forum will examine, through expert opinion and discussion, the different technologies, with emphasis on: appraisal of current technologies, projections and limitations; challenges and limitations of emerging technologies, and barriers leading to cost reduction; and consideration of systems integration, scale-up and effectiveness, as well as life-cycle analysis. 

Speaker and panellists include:

  •  Prof Kondo-Francois Augey-Zinsou, University of NSW
  •  Dr Fatwa Abdi, Helmholtz-Zentrum, Berlin
  • Prof Harry Atwater, Caltech, USA
  • Dr Paul Barrett, IP Group
  • Prof Kazunari Domen, The University of Tokyo
  • Mr Mark Edwards, Hazer
  • Prof Andreas Friedrich, German Aerospace, DLR
  • Dr Philipp Furler, Synhelion, Switzerland
  • Mr Zia Haq, US Department of Energy
  • Mr Martin Halblutzel, Siemens Energy
  • Assoc/Prof Sophia Haussener, EPFL, Switzerland
  • Mr John-Louis Kindler, Ways2H
  • Prof Tatsuya Kodama, Niigata University, Japan
  • Dr Anthony McDaniel, Sandia National Laboratory, USA
  • Mr Chris Mesrobian, Monolith Materials, USA
  • Dr Oliver Posdziech, Sunfire, GmBH
  • Ms Kristin Raman, Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG)
  • Mr Mark Ruth, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), USA
  • Prof Christian Sattler, German Aerospace, DLR
  • Assoc/Prof Simon Smart, The University of Queensland
  • Prof Ellen B. Stechel, Arizona State University, USA
  • Prof Meng Tao, Arizona State University, USA
  • Dr Xiaoting Wang, BloombergNEF, USA

Session Topics:
Session 1: Large-scale Commercial Electrolysers - limitations and future prospects
Session 2: Emerging Electrolysis Technology
Session 3: Hydrogen from Natural Gas
Session 4: Thermochemical Processes
Session 5: Hydrogen from Bioresources and Waste
Session 6: Photo-electrochemical (PEC) and Photocatalysis (PC)
Session 7: Wrap-up and Review

A single registration fee of A$110 is required, or A$55 for students.

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The HyPT-2 Forum is brought to you by the Centre for Energy Technology and the Institute for Mineral and Energy Resources at the University of Adelaide with support from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and Mission Innovation.

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