Master Your Voice: The Science of Effective Speaking

Join us for “Master Your Voice: The Science of Effective Speaking”, a ground-breaking masterclass that will shift your understanding of communication. It all takes place on Thursday, September 28th, 2023 from 3:00pm at the Braggs Lecture Theatre, the University of Adelaide, and tickets are free.

This is not your regular masterclass. "Master Your Voice" is a unique plunge into the world of voice, emotion, and cognitive science. Presented by Nathan Jones, an acclaimed voice-over artist, PhD candidate, and director of the Mood Institute, this session promises to be insightful and captivating. His dual expertise in voice acting and emotion research at the University of Adelaide will take you on a deep dive into the realm of public speaking and communication.

“Master Your Voice: The Science of Effective Speaking” goes beyond the basics of vocal projection. The focus is on understanding how our emotions and cognitive processes shape the way we communicate. Discover how to command the four pillars of vocal expression – tone, pitch, volume, and pace, to achieve a powerful impact. In just 90 minutes, you'll unlock the skills that will transform the way you communicate, build relationships and connect with others.

Along with the masterclass, Nathan Jones will highlight the crucial study by the CNS Lab, “Cognitive Function Across the Lifespan.” This research, aiming to comprehend how age affects learning, memory, and decision-making processes, is a pivotal step in understanding diseases like Parkinson’s.

Cap off this enlightening experience with an opportunity to network with Adelaide’s top professionals over exquisite McLaren Vale wines from Primo Estate (including their sensational Prosecco NV Sparkling, La Biondina and Nero d'Avola). Please note, networking access will be exclusive to the attendees of the masterclass.

Secure your seat today, and get ready to tap into the incredible power of your voice!


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